Judo is proved to be one of the best sport for children early age development. With

consistent practise of Judo, children can improve with their body coordination and muscle power through different type exercises. Stability is also one of our focus in Judo that most of our children improved with then sense of balance.


In Judo practice we always emphasize in teaching our students “ UKEMI” which is one of the special technique in Judo. We treat this part of our teaching as core for early stage judo player as this can definitely reduce injury from future judo practise and further protect them from other sports, we have a numbers of students who are rugby player and parents found out that students who do Judo have no injury from their rugby practice or competition.


Besides physical improvement, Judo can strength students confidence by doing 

demonstration in front of classmates or public , learn to have discipline in lesson and improve with their manner within peer and senior. To respect each other is one of the theme when it was found by the founder of Judo, Mr Kano Gigoro and all of the judo practitioner will follow this value.